VERITAS (STRUCTURAL DEVELOPMENT OF THE THIRD CYCLE BASED ON SALZBURG PRINCIPLES) is a three-year national project, under the priority of Governance Reform, EACEA N° 35/2012, 6th call and Structural Measures action.

The wider objective of the project is to ameliorate doctoral education in Armenian Higher Education System through alignment with European Qualifications Framework and Salzburg Principles.

The specific objectives target

  • Strengthening human potential in research by building a critical mass of quality researchers through development, integration and efficient management of doctoral education in Armenian HE;
  • Promoting international recognition of the III level study programmes of the ANQF through developing and adopting award criteria that are in line with Salzburg principles and comparable with international ones.
  • Developing a system of quality evaluation and monitoring in scientific research by building and strengthening systems for continual tracking of relevant parameters.
  • Stimulating and strengthening integration of science and research at universities through establishment/revision of university structures which will promote scientific research, network knowledge in education, research and innovation, enhance quality, effectiveness, flexibility, multidisciplinarity and interdisciplinarity of education.

The principle outcomes and outputs include:

  • Development of university capacities for quality doctoral education: revision/establishment of new Research Units;
  • Establishment of preconditions for quality PhD education and research
  • Formulation of PhD award criteria and quality standards in Doctoral Education
  • Development and launch of 11 new PhD programs in Armenia (11 pilot projects)
  • Adoption of the PhD award criteria and quality standards.

The universities are from a single CIS country – Armenia. It will allow deeper understanding of the needs of developing systems and customization to specific country and institutions priorities.