WP1  Capacity Building of HEIs to Deliver Quality Doctoral Programmes

1.1. Establishment of Research Units for Doctoral Education (regulatory framework)

1.2. Selection of Research Unit staff

1.3. Development of a training package on Salzburg principles and PhD Promotion

1.4. Training on “Salzburg Principles”

1.5. Workshop “Promoting PhD: Why? And How?”

1.6. Procurement of Artificial Business Intelligence (ABI)

WP2  Establishment of Pre-conditions for Quality PhD Education and Research

2.1. Fact finding on PhD implementation in EU and Armenia

2.2. Definition of University Roadmaps

2.3. Training on “Roadmap Implementation”

2.4. Guidelines on a PhD programme establishment and implementation methodology

WP3  Formulation of Award Criteria and Quality Standards in Doctoral Education

3.1. Seminar “Award Criteria  and QA in PhD”

3.2. Development of award criteria for PhD

3.3. Development of quality standards in PhD in Armenia

3.4. Seminar ” Internal QA in PhD”

3.5. Introdutory training for external assessors

3.6. In-house trainings  for internal and external assessors

WP4  Development of 11 PhD Programmes in Armenia

4.1. Identification of PhD programs and task forces

4.2. Study visits by task forces to EU HEIs

4.3. Inter-project coaching

4.4. 11 pilot projects: Development of PhD programs

4.5. External initial evaluation of 11 PhD programs

4.6. Launch of the 11 PhD programme

WP5  Quality Control and Monitoring

5.1. Questionnaires at events and during study visits, respective analyses

5.2. Self-evaluations at consortium meetings

5.3. Annual quality expert control by the granthholder and WP leader

5.4. Intermediate and final reports to EACEA

WP6  Dissemination

6.1. Establishment and operationalization of the project website

6.2. Project Newsletters

6.3. Dissemination via local media

6.4. Guidelines on a PhD programme establishment and implementation methodology

6.5. Dissemination conference

WP7  Sustainability

7.1. Integration of the Research units into the university structure

7.2. Adoption of the 11 PhD programmes by respective University Academic Councils

7.3. Adoption of PhD award criteria and quality standards by Armenian major providers:  HEIs, RA SCC and MoES

7.4. ANQA, RA SCC and NASRA validation of 11 PhD programmes

WP8  Management of the Project

8.1. Project management, coordination and administration

8.2. Meetings of Project Consortium

8.3. Report on Factual Findings (audit)