Workpackage 2

The WP leader will be UHMF and at the kick-off meeting, the partner institutions will be presented in detail the tasks and deadlines within this WP, which will start with fact-finding. Research topics and countries will be divided among the EU partners and a mode of work will be discussed and agreed. Similarly, HEIs, RA SCC, Academy of Sciences, ANQA and MoES will be asked to agree on a plan of action and delegation of tasks for fact-finding. The fact-finding and constant guidance by the EU partners will help to build on the HEIs capacities for their tasks within WP2. Specifically, HEIs will conduct in depth evaluation of their internal capacities and systems for providing quality doctoral education. RU staff will lead scientific affiliations at their universities. It is expected that, upon data collection and analysis, HEIs will gain a detailed understanding of their research capacities (available competent mentors, infrastructure, funds etc), cooperation with industry and international partnerships in order to collect institutionally scattered data into one centralized focal point – RU. The research results will serve as a basis for developing strategies for doctoral education ie. University Road-maps will be reviewed by peers from EU to ensure alignment with EU trends in PhD education.

To add value to the capacity building a training on Road-map implementation will be held. The training will include development and implementation of road-maps and each HEI will present its Evaluation reports on PhD education, its chosen course of action – University Road-maps and feedback from EU peers; practical sessions on developing road-maps will be held. Pre- and post-training evaluations will be conducted to ensure effectiveness of the trainings. The WP will culminate in development and publication of Guidelines on roadmap development and implementation methodology in two languages, to be published in 250 copies.