Workpackage 3

Next important step is formulation of criteria for PhD award and QA standards for doctoral education. With the aim a seminar on “Criteria for PhD Award and QA in Doctoral Education” will be held in Armenia with participation of EU peers. Following the seminar each university will set up a working group (WG) with involvement of 1 EU peer and 4 staff members to develop award criteria and QA standards for PhD comparable with EU approaches and linked to Salzburg Principles.

The focal point within the WP will be the definition of award criteria and quality standards and procedures in doctoral education. Based on defined university Road-maps and Salzburg principles, WUS Austria together with ANQA, RA SCC, EQ will prepare a comprehensive proposal of quality standards and procedures in doctoral education (e.g. quality and competencies of mentors, internationalization, mobility, research, interdisciplinary, study program content etc). Likewise, KTH, BSU, UHMF, UdG and PC HEIs will prepare award criteria for PhD comparable with EU accepted criteria. The two documents will be distributed to 11 HEIs for discussion, assessment and feedback.

A series of training events will be implemented to ensure high quality development of standards: (1) Seminar at YSU “QA in PhD”), and better preparedness for external evaluations of PhD programs (40 staff members); (2) Introductory training for RA SCC’s external assessors on evaluation content at ANQA (10 staff members). The trained staff of HEIs, RA SCC, and ANQA on completion of the trainings will conduct in-house trainings for internal assessors at each institution (about 40 at each HEI) and external assessors (about 20 at national level) for broader capacity building and dissemination purposes. The in-house trainings will last 1,5 days at each HEI, RA SCC and ANQA. Pre- and post-training evaluations will be conducted to ensure effectiveness of the trainings.

The lead partner for WP 3 is BSU.