Workpackage 4

WP 4 will center on development of 11 PhD programs as pilot projects aimed at “testing” the new structures, criteria and QA standards for developing and delivering doctoral education. Within the frames of the WP inter-project coaching with EQADE (Tempus) project will take place to exchange experience. With the aim, two representatives of EQADE project will travel to Armenia to meet with the main developers for 3 days.

To ensure the HEIs are coached throughout the developed process, which is proved to be more effective, each HEI will be affiliated to an EU partner. Thsu, YSUAC, YSLU and GSU will be affiliated to KTH; YSMU, YSU and ASUE – to UHMF; YSFA, SPIV and PAARA – to BSU and NAS and NU – to UdG. The methods of coaching will evolve around consultations, feedback on the developments, support during developments, consultancy on difference approaches to PhD delivery and the like. Following the activity, HEIs will assign adequate task forces (2 staff members from each HEIs) to conduct study visits to EU HEIs for first hand exposure to the practices in EU. Relying on previous outcomes and deliverables, task forces will identify, develop and (re) structure 11 doctoral programs – one PhD programme per provider. They will make extensive use of ABI systems. Upon finalization of the development the new porgrammes will be piloted and close to the beginning of year 3 the HEIs will embark on internal self-assessment of the new PhD programmes drawing on newly developed QA standards. Once the self-assessment is complete it will be submitted to RA SCC for external evaluation.

In its turn, RA SCC’s trained external assessors together with ANQA will form expert panels, which will include academic staff and PhD students, conduct external evaluations of the new programmes and give their recommendations following which the 11 PhD programmes will be launched at each HEI.

The lead partner for WP 4 is KTH and it will take care of overall implementation and reporting for WP4.