Workpackage 5

Quality control and monitoring of the project implementation will launch from the very beginning of the project. First, ANQA along with EQ will develop a detailed quality control and monitoring plan as well as developed tools for evaluation of the activities. Thus, after each training session, seminar and workshop survey of participants will be conducted to ensure effectiveness and further improvement of similar activities. Questionnaires will also be conducted after each event and during study visits and respective analysis will follow.

Further, project consortium will conduct self-evaluation activities whenever it meets. Relevant project outcomes will be disseminated through web texts and project newsletters.

Close to the end of each project year a project quality audit will be implemented in HEIs by the grantholder and ANQA with the aim to evaluate project progress and its strengths and weaknesses. Next, a final quality audit will be carried out and its results discussed at the final consortium meeting and incorporated in the Final project report. The reports of lead partners for each WP will be incorporated in the yearly report to feed into EACEA intermediate and final report.

The lead partner for WP 5 is ANQA and it will take care of overall implementation and reporting for WP5.