Workpackage 6

The achievements within the frames of the project and the accumulated know-how will be shared with wider academic communities through a number of dissemination channels that will evolve around project web-site, biannual newsletters, dissemination via local media (newspapers and talk-shows), trainings and workshops, publication of brochure and guidelines as well as delivery of a dissemination conference close to the end of the project.

The project web site will be launched to constantly update the stakeholders on the project achievements and with an interactive platform for promoting a dialogue among stakeholders on research opportunities in general and PhD provisions in Armenia in particular. RSS platform will also be applied for subscriptions. Next biannual e-newsletters will be disseminated through list-serves of the consortium members and all 41 universities in Armenia. Specific dissemination channels include placing the link to the project web-site on the partners’ web sites. The achievements of the project will also be widely discussed in the local newspapers and TV channels. Stakeholders’ conference in Armenia, which will bring in about 250 participants – local and international will be organized. Furthermore, the project consortium will attempt to actively involve all Armenian HEIs by disseminating project outcomes and inviting them to all project events.

Last, but not least, publications of brochures and Guidelines on PhD programme establishment and implementation methodology: 250 copies (100 in English and 150 in Armenian) will be published and the soft copy will be uploaded on the project website for broader outreach.

The lead partner for WP 6 is University of Gerona and it will take care of overall implementation and reporting for WP6.