Workpackage 7

As for sustainability, steps have been envisioned to ensure project’s longevity after the project lifetime. First, decrees on installment/revision of the research units and approval of 11 PhD programs and curricula by respective Academic Councils will mark the official installment and acceptance of a new quality management system in doctoral education.

Next, during the 3rd project year the consortium expects to have a final proposal on PhD award criteria and quality standards, whose official adoption by relevant public bodies will be promoted by all consortium members. The aim will be to ensure adoption of standards by Armenian major providers of PhD education: HEIs, RA SCC and MoES and in such a way achieve conditions for sustainable development of quality doctoral education and therefore research Armenia-wide.

Active participation of MoES will ensure not only financial sustainability of developed structures (Research Units-RU, Road-map implementation, etc), but also a major boost to adoption of National Standards by the Armenian Government. Their support, along with the support of ANQA, RA SCC and NASRA, is of vast importance in assuring nation-wide acceptance of proposed structural reforms and quality standards in doctoral education. RA SCC along with NASRA and ANQA will conduct initial evaluation and validation of the 11 PhD programmes.

The lead partner for WP 7 is RA SCC and NASRA and they will take care of overall implementation and reporting for WP7.