Workpackage 8

The lead partner for WP 8 is YSMU and it will take care of overall implementation and reporting for the project. To successfully and efficiently implement the project YSMU will establish an executive team with involvement of ANQA, YSAFA and an EU expert. The project executive team will take care of day-to-day management of the project, technical and financial issues as well as keeping track records of all the activities.

The project will launch with the kick-off meeting at YSMU. The focus will be on elaborating the overall project, contract obligations and rights, roles and tasks of each consortium member and project time-frames. Particular focus will be placed on presenting activities in WPs 1-8. Overall, five coordination meetings of the consortium is planned during which, the upcoming plans, refinement of plans, the quality expert reports will be discussed.

To ensure involvement of all the project partners in the management each WP is assigned a lead part that will take care of its implementation and reporting on the achievements. To ensure consensus on all the decision regarding the project implementation a project Governing Board will be established with inclusion of one representative per EU and Armenian partner.

Close to the end of the project a Report on Factual Findings (Audit) will be produced by an independent audit.